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“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

Elsie de Wolfe


Hey Alexa, Play New Apartment by Ari Lennox.

Hello December! Today I moved into my new apartment in Las Vegas. It’s tiny and colorful and perfect for me and my chubby Chihuahua. For a short while I sat in my empty bedroom alone with the thought that I haven’t lived on my own since undergrad.

We’re talking 12 years, guys. I’ve shared space with roommates, family members and an ex, but today marks the first time in a very, very, very long time that my name is the only name on the lease.


After a deep clean of my new place and a few rounds of sage, I plan to spend the month mentally unpacking the last 10 years. Since 2009 I’ve moved to two states, dated a few toads, picked up an extra degree, bought three vehicles, worked in three fields, landed my dream job and experienced two health scares. The past decade has handed me ridiculous highs and soul-crushing lows, and I managed to survive it all with my wits in tact. But that’s just itI only survived.

We’re leveling up, folks. I intend to thrive in 2020, and I think the best way to prepare is with an honest assessment of my current mental, financial, vocational, spiritual, physical and social state. Don’t get me wrong — I’m quite proud of the life I’ve created since leaving Indiana and moving to the Wild Wild West all those moons ago. But, I feel it necessary to do a comprehensive damage assessment before January rolls around. I know I have some work to do, but I need to figure out how much. Like sis, are we good?

As I unpack my mind and a zillion boxes, you can expect a few changes here on the site as well. I have a few ideas on how I want to re-purpose this space to focus more on womb health, wellness travel and self-care. I look forward to a new year of consistent content creation and mindful interactions on my terms and at my pace.

I’m grateful for my community here. Let this post stand as my renewed commitment to adding to the much-needed conversation surrounding green beauty and womb health.

Until soon.

Candace Alike Smith is a Las Vegas-based content creator, womb warrior, and matcha enthusiast. Candace founded this site in 2015 to help women of color reclaim their vitality. Follow Candace’s content on holistic beauty, mental wellness, herbs and essential oils, non-toxic products, healthy libations, wellness travel, and self-reflection. Green is her happy color.

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  1. seroters

    Congratulations on your new space! The floors are amaaazing. I’m confident you will creatively snap your fingers and it will be transformed to the perfect CAS home. 🏡✌❤


    1. Candace Smith

      Thank you!! I am having so much fun making the space my own 🙂


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