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Elsie de Wolfe


60-Day Apartment Update Featuring Unique Loom

Hey girl, hey.

If you recall, I moved into my new apartment in Las Vegas last December. It’s hard to believe two months have passed since my move-in, but I wanted to pop in for a quick update.

I’ve really enjoyed taking my time with adding personal touches to the space. I really wanted to play up color and texture, so I framed interesting prints and fabrics and added a few fun rugs. I also found really nice art on canvas (at Ross of all places!) for the walls, to add a little “Black Girl Magic” to my humble abode.

Unique Loom Kennedy Lyon Area Rug

And now for the star of the show! Finding an affordable unit with laminate wood flooring was important to me, so I didn’t want to completely cover them with rugs and furniture. I had my eye on this gorgeous floral rug by Unique Loom called Kennedy Lyon, but it was unavailable (and EXPENSIVE) on Amazon. I combed the Interwebs for other retailers and found it on sale at Overstock. I guess it was a hit with everyone else, too, because it was on back order for an entire month. Yikes.


It was well worth the wait, though. This rug is so me, and it makes me smile every time I see it. It brings in all the colors of my living area without making the room look too “busy” — and it’s so-so-so beautiful IRL.

The rug laid flat as soon as I unrolled it, and you can tell just by touching it that it’s a high-quality piece. All the rugs from Unique Loom are so unique and so gorgeous. I plan to stop by their showroom in Las Vegas to see more of them up close.


The bad news is that Sophia loves the rug just as much as I do, so vacuuming has now become a daily chore. I’m thinking of shaving her bald and buying her a sweater, because the shedding is getting out of hand!

Beautiful things are usually high-maintenance though, am I right? Anything for you, Kennedy Lyon. 

I am saving my coins to splurge on a really nice headboard and dining room set, but I love how things are coming together so far. The Bébé’s Kids that run around outside all hours of the day and night are beyond annoying, but I love once I close the door, my place screams, “Welcome home!”


Until soon,

Candace Alike Smith is a Las Vegas-based content creator, womb warrior, and matcha enthusiast. Candace founded this site in 2015 to help women of color reclaim their vitality. Follow Candace’s content on holistic beautymental wellnessherbs and essential oilsnon-toxic productshealthy libationswellness travel, and self-reflection. Green is her happy color.

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  1. Wonderlusting Lynda

    that rug is amazing. gorgeous flat.


    1. Candace Smith

      It truly is nice! Thank you so much Lynda.


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