Calming Down With Cypress Essential Oil

Although you may see the cypress plant in and around your local cemetery, this plant’s oil is truly life-giving.  Cypress plants also referred to as trees, are used for their ornamental value as shrubs.  While there are various plants that are said to be cypress, we are going to focus on that with the scientific name, Cupressus sempervirens. This cypress plant is a conifer; meaning it grows needles and cones, instead of leaves and flowers.

Cypress oils are derived from steam distilling the plant’s stems, twigs, and needles.  Long known for its medicinal properties, cypress oil is said to help deter the spread of infection.  It also is reported as helping with the respiratory, nervous, and excretory systems; all of which are very vital to our overall health. 

Cypress essential oil contains properties that are:

  • Antiseptic (disinfectant)
  • Astringent (constricts body tissue)
  • Antibacterial (fights bacteria)
  • Diuretic (increases urine)
  • Styptic (stops bleeding)
  • Hepatic (helps the liver)
  • Hemostatic (promotes clotting)
  • Sudorific (promotes sweating)
  • Sedative (calming)
  • Vasoconstricting (narrows blood vessels – helps to stop excess bleeding)
  •  Anti-rheumatic (prevent joint damage)

Sources state there are no known adverse reactions to using cypress oil, yet it is recommended that pregnant women avoid the oil.  Also, because individuals respond to oils differently, please do a small skin patch test and only purchase high-quality oils.  With so many great qualities, cypress oil is something every household should have around.  Now here are just some benefits and uses of cypress oil. 

  • Treats wounds and sores.  Along with a carrier oil, apply cypress oil to the wound or sore to prevent infection and accelerate healing. 
  • Fight acne – Mix 1-3 drops in with your facial moisturizer or carrier oil and apply to your face. 
  • Combat cellulite – Dilute with a carrier oil like argon or coconut oil and massage into the skin to allow the cypress oil’s astringent properties to reduce fluid and firm up the skin.
  • Soothe/Reduce varicose veins – When mixed with a carrier oil, the astringent and antirheumatic properties help shrink and heal varicose veins. It works the same way on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome too.
  • Improve digestion and reduce water weight gain – By adding 5 – 7 drops to a diffuser via aromatherapy, cypress oil will help you sweat and eliminate through increased urination. For the same benefit, dilute with a carrier oil and apply it to your waist, hips, or thighs as well. 
  • Detoxify the liver – In your bath, either add the oil to the water or massage it into your abdomen to aid in the detoxification of the liver or lymph systems. 
  • Reduce respiratory problems – Either via aromatherapy or massage the chest or back with a diluted cypress oil to alleviate chest complaints such as bronchitis or asthma. 
  • Prevent body odor – Using a carrier oil, apply directly to the armpits as a deodorant.  

It was mentioned earlier that cypress oil is a sudorific; meaning it helps you sweat.  This can be good when wanting to detox or reduce water weight, however, it could be a little embarrassing otherwise.  So, here is a recipe for a deodorant using cypress oil. 

Homemade Cypress Oil Deodorant 

Mix ½ cup of coconut oil, ½ cup baking soda, and 40 – 60 drops of cypress oil (or the scent of your choice if wanting a lighter aroma).  Then store in an empty deodorant container or a glass jar. Voila!  

There you have it, the quick and dirty on cypress essential oil.  When looking to purchase the oil, prices seem to depend on brand and if it is labeled as addressing a specific ailment (varicose vein remedy for example).  Yet, for the many uses and benefits it provides, it does seem well worth the investment.  Here’s to you and your long life!


Until soon. 

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