Sipping Clean At Stinky Beans Coffee Roasters Tivoli Village

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday my daughter and I ventured out to a nearby farmer’s market. Every Saturday from 10AM – 3PM in Tivoli Village, Fresh52 hosts a nice line-up of local and regional produce, natural skincare, small-batch baked goods, and delicious eats.

I had a large pile of dirty clothes waiting for me back home, so I didn’t stay long. I stopped by the Stinky Beans table and ordered my usual matcha latte. I always feel super high-maintenance and borderline annoying when I order green tea at a coffee shop, but I like what I like and it’s almost always on the menu.

It’s a little less rare than it used to be, but still, kind of rare for a coffee place to offer oat milk as a milk alternative. It was nice to hear that Stinky Beans only uses oat milk in their lattes. Duck recommended blueberry syrup as an add-on and I’m glad he did. My latte was amazing!

I encourage you to pop over to Stinky Beans’ website to read more about their unique drum roaster process. Duck & Sophie have a good thing going, and really care about their beans! I look forward to seeing their business grow. Give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook!

Until soon.

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