I was first introduced to Be. Care. Love. on a shopping trip to my local Ross store.  Picking up the Grapeseed Skin Oil, I was pleasantly surprised that the only ingredient listed was… grapeseed oil.  This deserved a deeper look.  What I found was that Be. Care. Love. was much more than oils. 

  • BE – Be in the Moment. Be present. Be engaged. Be aware.
  • CARE – Care for yourself and others. When you take care of you, you can give more to those you love and the environment around you.
  • LOVE – Experience love daily, in the fullest sense of the word and all that it embodies.

Be. Care. Love. essential oils are just one part of the BCL brand. There is also BCL Naturals, which promotes its hair products to salons.  There is BCL Superfoods, hair products that are a combination of a superfood, vitamin supplement, and hydrating oils. These products can be found in stores like Sally’s Beauty.  Last, but certainly not least, there is BCL Spa, which seems to be what started the whole BCL evolution. 

Founded in 2011, BCL Spa was the first brand to give options for those providing manicures and pedicures, to use certified organic ingredients.  Based in Costa Mesa, California, BCL selects ingredients that are sustainably sourced to create formulas that are free of sulfites, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, and harsh preservatives.  BCL Spa offers over 120 products and is said to be the maker of the #1 sugar scrub.

Reasonably priced, BCL Spa offers a variety of skincare and beauty inventions that can be used in a professional spa or at home. 

Whether you are looking for face masks, body scrubs, or massage creams; you will be pleasantly surprised.  Scents include Lemongrass and Green Tea, Milk, and Honey with White Chocolate, Mandarin and Mango, or Lavender and Mint; you may not be sure if you are to apply it or eat it.  

For some, the BCL Web site may be a bit overwhelming.  It would help to know the specific line (spa, naturals, oils, or superfoods) that you are looking for.  Each has its own site, but all are connected and open a new tab with each click.  Each line has its own page for online shopping as well.  Let’s get back to what started this deep dive; the oils!

Believing in transparency, BCL packages its essential oil products with the description and origin right on the label.  Featuring 100% pure essential oils or essential oil blends, BCL seeks to create a product equipped with healing properties to address buyers’ need for restored balance and emotional wellness.  BCL is serious about offering a product that is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no petrochemicals.  

Due to rigorous testing in its Bio Creative Labs, BCL guarantees that its oils are of premium qualities that meet purity standards.  With oils to energize, get the creative juices flowing, boost the immune system, or help to reduce stress; BCL says they have the right oil for you. 

Oils are categorized as singles, roll-ons, or skin oils; and they also offer diffusers in two different sizes. 

The roll-ons are prediluted and can be applied directly to the skin.  The skin oils can be used topically, in a diffuser, or as a carrier oil for either your favorite fragrance or one of the single essential oils BCL offers.  They can also be applied to the hair. 

BCL educates the buyer about not only the importance of using chemical-free oils but also reminds us that quality costs.  All BCL creations can be found on their Web site.  Depending on the specific product, some purchases can be made at your local beauty supply stores and in limited supply, on 

Letting Web site browsers in on the healing properties of essential oils, BCL is said to be more than just a brand, but a mantra and mission for self-care.  Believing everyone deserves a happier life, BCL seeks to use ingredients that will create a product that will benefit the mind, body, and soul.  


Until soon. 

CandaceAliké is a wellness and wanderlust journal penned by writer Candace Smith. Read her diary entries, and follow her content on essential oilsproduct reviewslocal libations, and wellness travel. Read her mom’s mental health contributions and get your mind right.

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