A Guest Post by Cherise Young

What do you get when you combine 46 artisans in one marketplace who not only represent the African diaspora but also have the desire to live green?  You get Black and Green, or as they call it: BLK + GRN.  

BLK + GRN is an all-natural marketplace with all-black artisans. It features creations for the hair, skin, home, body, and psyche.  Whether you are looking for inventions to adorn your ears, caress your baby’s bottom, paint your fingers and toes, or provide non-toxic care for your vajayjay (feminine care); BLK + GRN has you covered.  

BLK + GRN’s mission is to connect black families with curators of products that avoid using harsh chemicals and present a unified approach to community and wellness. 

Their Web site is bright, fresh, user-friendly, and full of positive images depicting black women doing great things to better themselves and their communities.  One such woman is Debra Raney.  As the creator of Little Muffincakes (, Raney set out to create clothing that depicted positive images for black children.  Another, wanting to provide a healthy alternative to toxic scented candles, is Nydia Norville, with her coconut wax candle brand, Choiselle.  These are just two of the brands that are sure to make a difference in your home or community.

BLK + GRN showcases products that not only range in function but in price as well.  For the most part, the prices seem to be reasonable and comparable to other brands.  To educate those who visit their site, BLK + GRN lists the “Top Twenty” chemicals and ingredients to avoid as part of their commitment to helping readers live a healthy and holistic lifestyle. 

From all accounts, it appears BLK + GRN takes seriously its promise to only partner with brands that desire to embody wellness and conscious living.  They require that each endorsed product is researched and tested and does not score higher than a five for toxicity.  Not only are they assisting the community by providing clean products, but they also provide an economic leg up for new brands through their affiliate and artisan programs. 

If you are a consumer in need of products that add to your and your family’s health, or an innovator with a product you want to promote, please visit the Web site.  Learn about BLK + GRN, where they “never bring in junk – only joy.”  


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The original post was written on October 6, 2018

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