Blooming Beautifully At The Plant Project Dallas

Dwelling on both sides of a duplex in the heart of Dallas’ Uptown district is a beautiful space called The Plant Project.

Touted as the first black-owned plant store in Dallas, The Plant Project was conceptualized and set on its way within seven days by Houston native, owner, and founder Bree Iman Clarke.

While shopping for plants one day, Clarke noticed no other shoppers that looked like her and her family. Months later, when writing a blog post about plant life, Clarke discovered people of color owned no plant stores in Dallas. She set out to change that with the opening of The Plant Project and did so during a global pandemic.

Clarke’s love for plants began in childhood with her relationship with her mom, grandmother, and family friend, Mr. Herman. Clarke learned to care for different plants and soil types from listening to Mr. Herman and watching her mother tend to the family’s plants. Those early lessons grew as Clarke began to love how plants made her feel and impacted her self-care.

Clarke’s appreciation for plant life bloomed into an all-out desire for authenticity and community. Whether it was Clarke’s blogging with The Iman Project, creating farmhouse tables with husband Carlos, hosting flower arranging workshops as Bree’s Blooms, or sponsoring discussion groups centered on race and social justice, Clarke has remained consistent with her call to provide a safe space for people from diverse backgrounds to come together.

The Plant Project is a response to the changes many of us experienced at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, continuing Clarke’s vision of growing plants and community. Housed in a neighborhood once settled by former enslaved Africans, the duplex on Routh Street honors a history that gentrification tried to obscure.

One side of the duplex houses a variety of small to medium-sized plants, while the other half has larger plants, a bodega, and a succulent bar for make-your-own arrangements. Upon entering the store, Candace and I were greeted by staff asking if we were “plant parents,” plant enthusiasts, or curious about delving into the world of plants. The space was brimming with healthy houseplants, and there were several visual reminders to enjoy life and plant joy.

In addition to the 2310 Routh Street location, Clarke’s team recently opened a second location in her hometown of Houston, at 2031 Buffalo Terrace, in the Montrose neighborhood.

Whether you are looking for a place to add to your collection of plants or need help before diving in, The Plant Project wants to be your go-to place for all things community, culture, and plants!

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