Sharing 13 Ways Dallas Humidity Changed My Routines

I left Las Vegas and moved to the Dallas area in mid-January, days before the city decided to freeze and revolt. Roads were unusable. Businesses closed. The snow went from pretty to pretty inconvenient overnight.

In all the ways a person could not be ready, I was not ready for Texas weather. Not only was I not prepared to revisit the cold extremes of my home state (Indiana), but I also wasn’t prepared for the many ways Texas humidity would change my beauty routine.

13 Ways Texas Humidity Changed My Skincare & Beauty Routines

#1 I no longer wear eyeliner.

Liquid. Pencil. Concealer or no concealer. It doesn’t matter. After a few hours of wear in the Summer sun, my eyeliner slips and slides down and around my eyelids. I know what to do if raccoon eyes ever become a makeup trend. A neutral eyeshadow and defined lashes are doing the trick for me these days.

#2 I do not skip concealer under my eyeshadow.

I use concealer as eyelid primer because if I don’t, my eyeshadow is as good as gone. Hooded, greasy eyelids are not the look I’m going for, so I first control creasing and shadow slipping by applying concealer. I’ve also traded in pinks and purples for neutrals because color appears heavier and isn’t as forgiving when (not if) it creases.

#3 Fake eyelashes are out. Hello, natural lashes.

The foundation and concealer add extra layers to my lids, making glue and lashes feel overkill. I have small eyes, and lashes helped make them appear more prominent, but giving my brow an arch and using lighter eyeshadow shades with defined natural lashes does an excellent job.

#4 I skimp on my morning skincare routine.

I no longer wash my face in the morning or apply moisturizer under my foundation. If I do, my makeup will slide off my face before I have a chance to leave the house. I double cleanse my face in the shower at night, play in any face masks that tickle my fancy, and apply a moisturizing nighttime face balm.

#5 I no longer wear powder foundation.

I used to ride the “all matte everything” train, but I’ve reluctantly accepted the dewy look. Primer or no primer, powder foundation melts off my face throughout the day. I’ve found mattifying liquid foundation more forgiving, and once the sweat starts to roll, the finish gives “ok, healthy skin” instead of “ew, oil spill.”

#6 I traded my matte lipstick for gloss.

Do you know what doesn’t complement dewy skin? Matte lips. I’ve had to trade my beloved matte liquid lipsticks for glosses and natural balms. It was an acquired aesthetic, but I like how comfortable my lips feel. Skipping the occasional lip check to see if my lipstick shifted is also a bonus.

#7 I started using SPF lip balms.

Applying SPF to my lips is something I should have always done, but now that my lips feel less protected by heavy lipsticks, I find myself reaching for Sun Bum and Coola SPF balms more often.

#8 I co-wash my hair every night.

After a muggy day of sweating out my hair gel or whatever style I decided to rock for the day, my hair and scalp are pretty gross by the time it’s time to call it a night. I co-wash my hair every night, alternating between Not Your Mother’s Naturals Matcha Green Tea & Wild Apple Blossom Nutrient Rich Conditioner and Cantu Sulfate-Free Hydrating Cream Conditioner.

My hair elasticity has improved, detangling in the shower is a breeze, and the amount of hair I lose while detangling has dramatically decreased. I know washing your hair too often is a natural hair no-no, but so is a clogged, congested scalp. I use nourishing products to help retain moisture and plan to return to weekly washes in cooler months.

#9 Wigs with bangs are out. Hello, faux ponytails.

I have no shame in admitting I enjoy receiving hair in the mail. I used to purchase styles just for kicks and giggles year round, but now that forehead sweat is a thing, I’ve had to make more intentional purchases. Bang styles will always be my favorite, but ponytails are saving me right now. Plus, ponytails force me to take better care of my hair instead of suffocating my poor strands in wig caps.

#10 My nails are growing, which is new.

Weird share, am I right? Yes, my nails have consistently grown, but they always stopped once they reached the end of my finger or toe. It felt like they kicked up their own feet and said, “Welp, I’ve done enough here.” I always attributed it to potential circulation problems or a lack of nutrients, but nope, the air was just dry, and so was my body!

#11 I added a second shower to my routine.

We’re talking more sweat, which means more stink. My deodorant works overtime without complaints, but I don’t want to push things. One shower doesn’t cut it anymore, which is odd considering how much it feels like I’m taking a shower every time I walk outside.

#12 I no longer slather my skin with heavy creams.

I’d have to lay on body balms and creams thick to avoid waking up with dry, scaly skin when I lived in Las Vegas. I grew so accustomed to it that I didn’t realize until recently that I was causing my nighttime sweating. I now reach for light lotions after my bedtime shower or skip that step entirely if my body wash is on the oilier side.

#13 I drink more water.

Triple digits in humid Dallas feel much hotter than triple digits in dry Vegas. I now reach for water and hydrating beverages more than when I lived in the desert. Do we need to get into how more water equals better everything?

I have yet to experience Dallas’ autumn months, and Spring felt like a blur. I’m trying my best to adjust to the extremes, so here’s hoping for a pleasant October and November.

Have you ever had to adjust your routine for new weather conditions? Tell me about it in the comments!

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