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“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

Elsie de Wolfe

Playing While I’m Waiting in Frisco, Texas

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

One of the many things I’m grateful for is unlimited PTO. 

I felt myself spiraling last week, so I took a few days off to re-center. The days were beginning to blur together, and it felt like I was on the outside of myself, watching my mind and body get tossed here and there by life’s demands. 

When I don’t have a clear vision, I get lost. 

I’ve made amends with what’s behind me. I have peace about what’s ahead. But I began to get impatient with my path. I’ve done the work of mapping out the next few years of paying off debt and getting my financial ducks in a row, but I’m learning that I need to create a plan for the present. There are so many days separating where I’ve been and where I want to go — what was I supposed to do with them?

Play. While I wait, I’ll play. 

I’m learning that waiting without playing is an abuse of my time. 

I know what I need to feel happy. It’s almost always free. While I wait for the things I’ve called in to arrive, I will enjoy what’s already here. 

After Aevrie finished her toast and berries this morning, we headed to Frisco to see what we could see. 

Hope Park Frisco

I have been so impressed with the parks and playgrounds I’ve stumbled across since moving to the Dallas Area, and we found a new favorite. Hope Park Frisco is a playground for all abilities with rubberized footing and several sensory areas. It was so lovely seeing the adaptive playground equipment, which means the paths leading up to them were also stroller-friendly. Children 2-5 years old could hang out in the “Tot Lot,” and 5-12 year-olds had free range of the “Big Kid Lot.” Watching Aevrie play without holding my breath in fear of her falling was so appreciated. She handled all the steps and slides like a champ! 

The Harvest at Frisco Commons

While Aevrie snacked on blueberries and Goldfish® crackers, mama pushed the stroller onward to continue exploring. Behind Hope Park, I noticed raised garden boxes with vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. The Harvest at Frisco Commons is a communal space managed by The City of Frisco. A Pollinator Ring of adaptive plants surrounds the garden. I saw several bees hard at work.

Frisco Veterans Memorial

Did you know Frisco is a Purple Heart City? Inside Frisco Commons Park is the Frisco Veterans Memorial, initially dedicated in 2004 and expanded over time. The memorial now includes the veterans Walk of Honor, the Wall of Honor, a Battlefield Cross, the Gold Star Family Memorial Monument, the WWII Flyboy statue, and several plaques detailing wars and conflicts in Frisco since its founding in 1902. A peaceful place. 

Frisco Heritage Museum 

A five-minute car ride took us to Frisco Heritage Museum, where I learned about all the days separating Frisco’s past from Frisco’s future. The museum paints a beautiful picture of Frisco’s history, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the city’s underbelly. Preston Road was once the Shawnee Trail, used by southbound settlers from the Midwest who called it the Texas Trail. You say “settlers” – I say, pillagers. Tomato, toma-toe right? If you can read between the lines, it’s worth a visit. Admission is free.

Reclaiming My Sandbox

Culture is tricky. But, if you are careful, you’ll avoid getting pulled under by what you should do or how you should spend your time. 

I’m uncertain when, but this creative outlet became an extension of my office. The promise pushers of social media hijacked my intentions, turning this blog into another place to worry about search engine optimization and monetization. No more. 

Thank you for hangin’ out with me for the last seven years of anxiety and confusion. I’m reclaiming this space as the playground I created it to be in 2015 — a place to share and explore and heal and collect life’s magical findings. The next seven years will be about peace, purpose, and play. 

I found my center again. Have you played today? 

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