Finding New Love At Lake Ray Hubbard Lighthouse

This year, Valentine’s Day was different.

Valentine’s Day. A holiday I usually prepare for and eagerly await, partner or no partner. This year, it came and went with little fanfare. But it meant so much more.

I wanted to celebrate love by reconnecting to the simplicity of my own interests. Blogging about my day. Baking sweets. Reading an actual book. Walking in nature. Enjoying a sunset. My interests require my time and attention. Nothing I want or enjoy can be rushed. I’m learning to honor that.

The pace that has always felt the most comfortable for me is slow. Very slow. I make decisions slowly. I change my mind slowly. Matcha is an entire world, an entire process. Without the time and space to think about my thoughts, Candace is not okay.

The Shift Toward Shorter

Instagram was once a place where I could share the things I love at my own pace, but with the onset of monetization, it too has been sacrificed at the alter of more, better, faster, and louder. With more and more content platforms leaning toward short-form video, social media feels overwhelming for me now. It only takes 30 seconds before I feel the need to buy something, go somewhere, or change something about myself. I didn’t want to buy anything or do anything for consumerism’s sake for Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to be around the people I love doing something I love.

To celebrate love this year, I enjoyed a sunset, ate Thai food, and shared vegan raspberry buttercream ice cream with my mother and daughter. Later today, we’re baking cookies.

Lake Ray Hubbard Lighthouse

I still consider myself new to Texas, so I consulted Google on the best place to catch a sunset near me. It pointed me toward Lake Ray Hubbard, one of the largest lakes in north Texas. Several parks dot the 22,000-acre lake, with beaches and trails to enjoy.

We visited Rockwall Harbor, a waterfront entertainment center that offers dining, live music, movies, shopping, and, most importantly, harborside walkways overlooking the sunset.

Honoring my pace did not disappoint.

Until soon.

Find Your Way

Lake Ray Hubbard Lighthouse
2055 Summer Lee Dr, Rockwall, TX 75032

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