Rolling Through Downtown Rowlett

I’d like to share a few pictures from this morning’s stroll.

I’m slowly making my way through DFW’s many downtowns. It’s partly a creative project, but mostly a daily grounding exercise to keep me from moving to somebody’s island.

Today I picked Historic Downtown Rowlett.

I usually research a place before visiting, but this time, I just started driving. I figured every downtown is at least good for a coffee shop, and I was right.

My daughter and I first stumbled upon La Casita Coffee, a coffee shop that just opened last month. I ordered an almond chai, and it was really good.

La Casita Coffee
3837 Main St
Rowlett, TX 75088

We made our way down Main Street to see what we could see, pointing out whatever colors and shapes caught our attention. It wasn’t too hard to notice vibrant colors on a dreary day like today.

Girlfriends Boutique
3830 Main St
Rowlett, TX 75088

Wisp and Willow Boutique
3805 Main Street
Rowlett, TX 75088

Rowlett Chamber of Commerce
4418 Main St
Rowlett, TX 75088

Rowlett Public Library
3900 Main St
Rowlett, TX 75088

Village of Rowlett Apartments
4500 Southridge Dr
Rowlett, TX 75088

Coyle Cotton Gin
4005 Coyle St
Rowlett, TX 75088

It was a bit chilly (and eerily quiet), so we didn’t stay out long. After our stroll down Main Street, my daughter was itching to stretch her legs and I needed to rest mine.

I asked Google to point me toward a nearby playground. She enjoyed herself at Kids Kingdom, under 10 minutes away.

We ended our tour of Rowlett at Lakeside Park North. We enjoyed watching the locals fish but headed back to the car once the wind began to pick up.

Lakeside Park North
Miller Rd. and C.A. Roan Rd.
Rowlett, TX 75088

Rowlett was a nice change of pace and a great way to start our Sunday. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Mental Health Day away from work, and can’t wait to see what the day brings.

Until soon.

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