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  • The #1 Tea for Clear Skin

    The #1 Tea for Clear Skin

    Touted by some to be THE tea for clearer skin, Get Gorgeous Tea (GGT) seemed to beg for a closer look. More and more agree that beauty is truly an inside job. This includes what we eat and drink. Beauty is also enhanced when we feel good and are in good health. GGT is a […]

  • Benefits of Castor Oil

    Benefits of Castor Oil

    By now, most of us know that it is what goes in and on our bodies that contributes to having glowing skin. Once thought of as a passing trend; natural beauty and skin care treatments seem to be here to stay. In addition to proper diet, a good night’s sleep and drinking plenty of water, […]

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil

    Grapefruit Essential Oil

    If you are looking for a multifaceted essential oil, then grapefruit essential oil is a great choice. With uses ranging from household, to health and beauty, to pet care (it is said to help with fleas and ticks on dogs and horses); grapefruit essential oil is one oil some say they cannot live without. Said […]

  • Schmidt’s Tea Tree Sensitive Skin Deodorant

    Schmidt’s Tea Tree Sensitive Skin Deodorant

    Happy Friday lovelies! I’m back with another review. I posted a pic on the ‘gram showing off my latest clean beauty find – Schmidt’s Tea Tree Sensitive Skin Deodorant Stick. A couple weeks back I ran out of my natural deodorant and used my guy’s brand for two days out of desperation. Big mistake. My […]

  • Pacifica Nail Color

    Pacifica Nail Color

    Hello lovelies! I hope you’re well. Just stopping by to show off my favorite shade of red — “Cinnamon Girl” by Pacifica Beauty. I will continue visiting the nail salon at least monthly for pedicures, but I decided to stick with the DIY approach for my manicures. I’m never completely satisfied with how my nails […]

  • The Honey Pot Company

    The Honey Pot Company

    Happy Wednesday lovelies! I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids in 2013 and had a painful reminder of their presence again in 2017. Since that time I’ve learned so much about hormonal imbalance, the importance of a plant-based diet, and the environmental and emotional stressors that affect the womb. I was shocked to learn the connection […]

  • Green Beauty for Us “Revive Your Glow” Spring Box

    Green Beauty for Us “Revive Your Glow” Spring Box

    Happy Monday lovelies! I have fallen behind on my daily blogging goal, but I’m jumping back on the horse today with a belated unboxing post. I subscribed to the Green Beauty for Us quarterly subscription box to support fellow green beauty and wellness blogger Keisha Adinkra, and to expand my horizons on non-toxic beauty and […]

  • Get The Look ⁠— A Spring Fling

    Get The Look ⁠— A Spring Fling

    Hello lovelies! Spring has sprung (ugh, cliché…) and I’m all about it. After digging around in my makeup bag, I put together this look. Perfect for spring (or whenever else) amiright? Reminds me of hydrangeas. What do you think? EYES Eyeshadow: Silk Naturals “Novel” + “Lewd” + “Aubergine” Brows: EcoBrow “Liz” Lashes: Ardell Professional “Demi […]

  • 80+ Black-Owned Brands Changing The Face of Green Beauty + Wellness

    80+ Black-Owned Brands Changing The Face of Green Beauty + Wellness

    [List Updated 4/1/18] This site exists to uplift non-toxic, natural and organic beauty brands. We also seek to advocate for women underrepresented in the beauty and fashion industries. Black women. Disproportionately we are excluded, and disproportionately we are harmed by the indirect (and often direct) message society often sends: “You can’t sit with us!” Certain brands […]

  • Galaxy Bomb by da Bomb Bath Fizzers

    Galaxy Bomb by da Bomb Bath Fizzers

    Hello lovelies! The dust has settled on my content plan for 2018. Yay! I thought I’d kick things off with a review of the Galaxy Bomb by Da Bomb. I stumbled upon this brand of bath bombs at Target a few days ago and thought it was super cute that two teeny bopper sisters founded […]

  • Honestly pHresh Natural Deodorant

    Honestly pHresh Natural Deodorant

    Hello lovelies! After years of using Primal Pit Paste without any issues, my skin decided it no longer liked baking soda. I never developed a rash, but the color of my arm pits began to change. Not cute. I had great success with the baking-soda free scent from the same brand, and also with Schmidt’s. […]

  • Get The Look ⁠— Sky Full of Stars

    Get The Look ⁠— Sky Full of Stars

    Well lookie here, lovelies! My first post of the year. I thought I’d ease back into regular blogging with this makeup look featuring my favorite green beauty brands: PlainJaneBeauty and Burt’s Bees. The lovely Maria with Hercules Beard Co. commented on my IG post that this look reminded her of stardust from a starry night. […]