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“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

Elsie de Wolfe

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  • Better Out Than In

    Better Out Than In

    One of the not so appropriate things my father would say during my childhood was, “Better out than in!” In case you didn’t guess his reason, it had to do with bouts of flatulence. Not, “Excuse me.” No, “Begging your pardon.” It was, “Better out than in,” more times than not. Daddy may have said […]

  • A Look at Vitex

    A Look at Vitex

    Growing along the banks of the southern Europe and the Mediterranean regions, is a shrub called the chaste tree. Blooming with either purple, pink or white flowers in summer months, the chaste tree’s dark brown or black peppercorn-sized fruit is collected in autumn. Why is the chaste tree important you ask? Historically the chaste tree, […]

  • Black Seed Oil – The Miracle Herb

    Black Seed Oil – The Miracle Herb

    In Eastern Europe, the Middle East and western Asia, grows a small flowering shrub called the Nigella Sativa. This shrub produces a fruit that has tiny black seeds that are quite powerful! These black seeds are known for remedies dating back several thousand years. In fact, it is reported these very seeds were found in […]

  • Three Attitudes Toward Adversity

    Three Attitudes Toward Adversity

    Recently, I considered the lack of progress I was experiencing had to do with my expectations. After investing in a side gig that hadn’t provided the financial benefit I had hoped for, I surmised that I had wanted too much. For close to two decades, I wanted to help others embrace a life of abundance […]

  • Shame’s Shenanigans

    Shame’s Shenanigans

    Usually when we think of someone engaging in shenanigans, we think of being mischievous and playful. We don’t normally attach a negative meaning to it. Normally we speak of shenanigans as youthful pranks such as covering a neighbor’s tree with toilet paper at Halloween or passing out laxatives as gum. Most shenanigans are more inconvenient […]