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“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”

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Tag: Mental Health

  • How To Swim In Mud: Keep Your Head Up

    How To Swim In Mud: Keep Your Head Up

    During a morning of Scripture reading, I (Cherise) came across some passages where Job is comparing his former “glory days” to currently feeling like an outcast. Job’s words resonated with me. I understood what it’s like going from feeling respected and valued to feeling left out and miss-handled. In Job 30:19, Job speaks of feeling […]

  • Suicide Is Preventable

    Suicide Is Preventable

    In 2010, just two years after September was deemed National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I (Cherise) led my first suicide prevention training. Based on the discussion during that training, it was apparent that viewing suicide as preventable was a rather new concept. In fact, saying “suicide is a preventable public health matter,” made no sense […]

  • Grief & Loss: Sometimes It Just Hits Different

    Grief & Loss: Sometimes It Just Hits Different

    Around this time in 2020, I, Cherise, wrote of feeling weary. Having dealt with six months of a global pandemic that entailed isolation, collective loss, and traumatic images playing across multiple media outlets… I was tired… weary. Well, 2022 has been another heavy year. This time the yuck hit closer to home. Since late February, […]

  • Self-Sabotage: It’s An Inside Job

    Self-Sabotage: It’s An Inside Job

    It wasn’t until recently that I, Cherise, really began to look at the notion of self-sabotage. I realized I may not know as much as I thought I did. In a Facebook group discussion, we were attempting to determine why we felt stuck and not achieving our dreams. The question was asked, “Are we sabotaging […]

  • At 61, I’m Yet Alive!

    At 61, I’m Yet Alive!

    Mental Health and Aging Hi there. Cherise here. Just eight months shy of reaching her 100th birthday, my grandmother made her transition from this life to her eternal rest. Months later, I still find myself saying, “She really did die.” Not that I thought she would live forever, but I did think she would live […]

  • Solar Powered Wellness

    Solar Powered Wellness

    The Sunshine Vitamin Many will attest that there is nothing quite like being outside, head thrown back, with eyes closed as the sun pours over our bodies. Over the past 20 years or so, we have been constantly warned about the ill-effects of too much sun. I now wonder if our heeding those warnings have […]

  • July is Fibroid Awareness Month

    July is Fibroid Awareness Month

    Cherise’s Story It was either late 2002 or early 2003 when I learned I had a uterine fibroid. I went to the doctor about the heavy bleeding and bad cramps I suffered monthly. I remember it clearly, the doctor said, “Oh, the tumor is probably bigger.” “What tumor?” I asked with some concern. Instead of […]

  • Better Out Than In

    Better Out Than In

    One of the not so appropriate things my father would say during my childhood was, “Better out than in!” In case you didn’t guess his reason, it had to do with bouts of flatulence. Not, “Excuse me.” No, “Begging your pardon.” It was, “Better out than in,” more times than not. Daddy may have said […]

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month Working in the mental health field for over 20 years has given me a front-row seat to many of the struggles those living with a mental health diagnosis endure. Whether clinically diagnosed or not, many contend with societal stigma, problems locating culturally competent providers, or finding affordable services. Often, […]

  • Three Attitudes Toward Adversity

    Three Attitudes Toward Adversity

    Recently, I considered the lack of progress I was experiencing had to do with my expectations. After investing in a side gig that hadn’t provided the financial benefit I had hoped for, I surmised that I had wanted too much. For close to two decades, I wanted to help others embrace a life of abundance […]

  • Shame’s Shenanigans

    Shame’s Shenanigans

    Usually when we think of someone engaging in shenanigans, we think of being mischievous and playful. We don’t normally attach a negative meaning to it. Normally we speak of shenanigans as youthful pranks such as covering a neighbor’s tree with toilet paper at Halloween or passing out laxatives as gum. Most shenanigans are more inconvenient […]