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  • July is Fibroid Awareness Month

    July is Fibroid Awareness Month

    Cherise’s Story It was either late 2002 or early 2003 when I learned I had a uterine fibroid. I went to the doctor about the heavy bleeding and bad cramps I suffered monthly. I remember it clearly, the doctor said, “Oh, the tumor is probably bigger.” “What tumor?” I asked with some concern. Instead of […]

  • A Look at Vitex

    A Look at Vitex

    Growing along the banks of the southern Europe and the Mediterranean regions, is a shrub called the chaste tree. Blooming with either purple, pink or white flowers in summer months, the chaste tree’s dark brown or black peppercorn-sized fruit is collected in autumn. Why is the chaste tree important you ask? Historically the chaste tree, […]

  • Three Attitudes Toward Adversity

    Three Attitudes Toward Adversity

    Recently, I considered the lack of progress I was experiencing had to do with my expectations. After investing in a side gig that hadn’t provided the financial benefit I had hoped for, I surmised that I had wanted too much. For close to two decades, I wanted to help others embrace a life of abundance […]

  • Ain’t I A Wombman? 

    Ain’t I A Wombman? 

    Hello, friends. I have given serious thought to what I mean when I use the term wombman. Am I referring to women only? Do I desire to connect only with humans granted the ability to reproduce? For women unable to produce children, are they no longer wombmen? Are we, as women, capable of producing more […]